Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jasa Hardchrome Forging

Hardchrome forging 081282769420

Hardchrome service provides coating to work material or work item which is very strong and hard and resistant to impact and friction, Eienni Keiji Indonesia Serves very well for the production of Hardchrome and supports the Vision and Mission that has been implemented for a long time.

Eienni Keiji Indonesia Has Deliveri Fleet with Good delivery and picking up and 100% reliable delivery with reliable delivery service for customer preferences, to find out more hardchrome you can go to ABOUT which is about hardness and hardness coating of EienniKeijiIndonesia.

Email :
Telpon/Fax : 021 - 8242 1815
Telkomsel : 0812 8276 9420
Indosat : 0857 7253 1511
Indosat : 0857 1500 0698
Alamat : Jalan Swadaya No.123 Rawalumbu Bekasi, Jawa .

On Hardchrome and Material or Matter wanted in Hardchrome are found in metal objects including aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and other metals, by adding thickness and durability to work objects or materials.

Hard Chrome is an electroplanting type that works to coat the surface of iron, steel, or other metals including copper, Alumunium, Brass, and others, so that the metal function is maximized in its use, supported in workstations or very strong work material at Base supporting material or material.

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